about my writing

What I’m currently working on and how I started.

Why did I want to become a writer?

Every boy has childhood aspirations about what their future might bring. Some want to become astronauts, others want to become archeologists, I wanted to become both. When I was a kid, many subjects fascinated me; I had no single profession in mind, just countless possibilities. As time passed, my interests changed, but there was always that one obsession that stuck around: writing.

But having been raised bilingual meant I wasn’t proficient in either language, I never had to learn the complete vocabulary of either language, if I couldn’t come up with a certain word, I’d just say it in the language I did know. On top of that, I wasn’t even sure in which language I wanted to write yet. After countless failed attempts at practicing writing, I had finally decided upon writing in English.

This meant I needed to improve my English vocabulary, which I did through writing poetry and using a thesaurus. I quickly discovered reading was a must for an aspiring writer, and to read consistently I needed to set goals for myself. I pushed myself to read and set deadlines so I’d read faster.

What am I currently working on?

Once my father told me the story of Atlantis, it wasn’t the typical romanticized version of Atlantis most dads tell their children, my dad shared a thesis of what could be the answer to the lost city that sparked the treasure hunter within many. To hear this legend could actually be solved had my mind blown, and from that point onward I was determined to write a book about the subject.

The book is currently not finished, I hope to finish it by 2022 at most.