Poetry: A Search for Happiness

My life has been a search for meaning,
nowhere could I find such thing.
I’ve searched and searched and searched unending,
for that what would enjoyment bring.

I’ve tried to find it in my writing,
finding words my voice can’t say.
After years and years of scribbling,
why does my heart still heavy weigh?

Pressing on to find a purpose,
something that delight would bring,
I taught myself to play the guitar,
thought up lyrics I could sing.

Through repeated hours of practice,
I prevailed and learned some chords.
I gained a skill that first I hadn’t,
but couldn’t find what I longed for.

When the odds were stacked against me,
I found what first I thought I’d not.
Now after days of long hard labor,
home I find what happiness brought.

Home is she, with eyes that sparkle,
and with her I’ll share my life,
overjoyed, and rich in splendor—
I long to be with my wife.