Poetry: All I’ve Ever Wanted

All I’ve ever wanted
is to feel like I am whole,
that I’m not missing pieces
from the puzzle of my soul.

I’ve always been a misfit,
there was no place I belonged,
my peers began to bully me,
though them I’ve never wronged.

People who don’t know me
have said things that aren’t true,
I don’t know where they heard it,
but those things I didn’t do.

The guys in school who bullied me,
they didn’t have a clue,
each day when I came home from school
my father was there too.

Bedridden on most days
and in agonizing pain,
pumped full of medications
of which I don’t know their name.

All I’ve ever wanted
is that I’d be left alone,
instead I was the weirdest kid
my school has ever known.